Product Description

Wifi Control Distribution Box









Function instrution

1.  Energy indicator light

A: There is three colors stand for three levels, blue means low energy consumption, orange means moderate energy,

red means high energy consumption.

B: the indicator light has seven degrees, each degree stands for 1000W, when the signal shows the seventh level,

it means the energy capacity has exceeded 56A/12.3W, the consumption is 12kw/h, it will set alarm three seconds one time.

2.  indicator light for total electricity consumption:it shows electricity quantity once it is installed, when it reaches 99999kw,

all data will be cleared zero then start to calculate again(normal show year like 2015) display:  display electrical condition of each circuit

A: display current of each circuit with am, the smallest current showed is 0.1A

B: display power or energy consumption condition of each appliance with unit W, the smallest showed is 1W

C: display appliance’s power of each circuit, power condition can be set up with zero clearing freely to know detailed power

consumption in certain time

D: display voltage of each appliance timely

4.display clock, easy to set up through the touch display screen on the right( the time is always at work

5.display monthly power consumption of each circuit( normal state shows every date like 08-10)

6.  control display: control and set clock, energy condition, power consumption

7. open the faceplate cover control inner circuit line

Operation for face display

1: Time setup: press the setup button 5 seconds ,Time display flush; Press  the button left and right, down and  up to


time and date.

2: Energy zero clearing setup :press the zero button 5 seconds, energy display screen flushes, then move left and right

button to choose

those lines you want to clear, each circuit line is separately operated, then press the zero clearing button, the date will be

zero, also monthly

energy can clear zero, too. (Remarks: Total energy consumption data cannot be cleared)

3: Current  button: Soft touch current button to show its current condition at present of each circuit line with indicator light

4: Power button: Soft touch  power button to show its power condition at present of each circuit line with indicator light

5: Voltage button: Soft touch voltage button to show its voltage condition at present of each circuit line with indicator light

6: Energy button: soft  touch power button to show its energy consumption condition at present of each circuit line with indicator

light(it also can clear zero of each line through zero clearing button)

how to install?