Product Description

New products 36W intelligent colorful ceiling lights led rgb home lamps with Bluetooth

Description for “ilight”

iLight Control: Lights controlled via mobile app on/off, altering brightness,colors
Colorful light effect: 4 colorful light effects inside with the app, to meet your needs in different contexts.
Musical Rhythm: Local music freely taken; TF card plugged anytime. Enjoy the massive unique cloud musical resources;
Shake: shaking with kinds of settings as you need, such as random colors, on/off, next song.
Sleep Assistant: sleepy when night falls with dim lights and music gradually faded out. helps you sleep fast.
Timing lights: Morning, bleary-eyed with light fade in, the music gradually up. wakes you up.




  • Indoor Using: living room, bedroom, study room, ect.
  • It is a harmonious blending of basic illumination, environmental colorful display, shine with music, timer, wireless control or intelligent cell phone control and some other functions.


Product Introduction:

Name LED Music Lights
Power 36W
Size Dia 50* H10CM
Material Acrylic
Space 10-20 square meters
Color RGB, Yellow, White
Polish, Cutting, Painting, ect.
Application Living room, Bedroom, Study room
Function APP Control, Wireless Dimmable, Play Music, Colorful Lighting, Night lights, Bluetooth, ect.
Related Words LED Ceiling lights 36W, RGB LED ceiling lights, LED intelligent lights, LED lamps for home, ect.

How to install ceiling lights?

1. Take apart music ceiling lamp. (Chassis and cover separate)

2. Screw hole position drilling,then connect the power supply.

3. Fixed chassis on the ceiling.

4. Put cover back to the lamp.

5. Connect the power to the lamp

Where we can download APP for the ceiling lights?

APP + Wireless bluetooth remote controlled

Scan 2D to download “ilight APP” and install ilight APP to your phone. Then you can use your phone to controlled different color and play music with the lights in the same time.

How to use APP controlled the lights?

After finished to install ceiling lights then connect the power with the lights.

1. Turn on the ceiling light

2. Open your phone “ilight APP”

3. Open your phone bluetooth feature and page to your phone ilight ‘s menu

4. Click to search ilight APP, and click it connect to the light

5. After connect App with lamp , you can enjoy yourselves for the lights with your phone. Such as: play music , wireless dimming color, setting time to turn on/off light, ect .

6. Note: Remote controlled within 10 meter between your phone and the lights, and one app onlycontrolled one lamp 

Operation Guide:

A. Two ways to install Android software

(1) Search and find software through inputting keyword “ILight APP” in Android software market, then download and install it.

(2) Download the latest software through the authorized website

B. Two ways to install IOS software

(1) Search and find software through inputting keyword “ILight APP” in Apple software market, then download and install it.

(2) Download the latest software through the authorized website

Function as follows:

1. Using acrylic with high quality, lamps and lanterns and decorative carved fine grinding and polishing, seiko spy, atmosphere vogue appearance, exquisite, will the LED all the colourful color changing change of performance incisively and vividly!

2. Intelligence of top drive power supply, integrated LED full-color fluctuates, double-color promise that move light toning, bluetooth, audio power amplifier function!

3. Operation is very simple, suitable for the smart phones on the market; As long as your phone to install our free APP official software! Different kinds of light color you choose; Mobile phone, music,can be in the lamp on the sound as well.

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