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The product is a new saving-energy switch, it adopts good sensitivity detector, integrated circuit. It gathers automatism, convenient safe, saving-energy and practical functions. It utilizes the infrared energy from human as control-signal source, it can start the load at once when one enters detection field. It can identify day and night automatically. It is easy to install and used widely.













Power Source: 220 -240V/AC

Power Frequency: 50Hz                                         Working Temperature:-20~+40°C

Ambient Light: 3-2000LUX (adjustable)                 Working Humidity: <93%RH

Time-Delay : min:10sec±3sec                                 Installation Height: 1m-1.8m

                     Max:7min±2min                                 Power Consumption:0.45W (work)

Rated Load: 600W (incandescent lamp)                                                   0.1W (static)

200W (energy-saving lamp)                Detection Motion Speed: 0.6-1.5m/s

Detection Distance: 9m max (<24°C)                        Detection Range: 160°


  • Can identify day and night: The consumer can adjust work ambient light. It can work in the daytime and at night when it is adjusted on the “sun” position (max). It can work in the ambient light less than 3LUX when it is adjusted on the “moon” position (min). As for the adjustment pattern, please refer to the testing pattern.
  • Time-delay is added continually: When it receives the second induction signals after the first induction, it will compute time once more on the rest of the first time-delay basic.(set time)
  • Time-delay adjustment: It can be set according to the consumer’s desire. The minimum time is 10sec±3sec. The maximum is 7min±2min.

INSTALLATION: (see the diagram)

    • Shut off the power.
    • Loosen the connection column on the bottom of sensor, plug the wire into connection hole, tighten the screws; unload the surface of sensor, connect the sensor into connection box.
    • If you want to install it in quadrate connection box, penetrate the setscrew into installation hole, aim at the installation hole on connection box, then tighten the screw; if you want to install it in circular one, you can use the same way as the quadrate, also adjust the sensor’s position, tighten the setscrew on surface, then the fixing arm will open automatically, fasten the connection box
    • Switch on the power then test it.

Note: when testing in daylight, please turn LUX knob to   (SUN) position, otherwise the sensor lamp could not work!


Electrician or experienced human can install it.

The unrest objects can’t be regarded the installation basis-face.

There aren’t hinder or unrest objects effecting detection in front of the detection window.

Avoid installing it near temperature alteration zones, for example: air condition, central heating etc.

Please don’t open the case for your safety if you find the hitch after installation.

If there are some difference between instruction and the function the product has, please give priority to product and sorry not to inform you additionally.

 The load don’t work:
a. check the power and the load.
b. If the load is good.
c. If the indicator lamp is light or not.
d. Please check if the working light correspond to the ambient- light.
 The sensitivity is poor:
a. Please check if in front of the detection window there is hinder that effect to receive the
b. Please check the ambient temperature.
c. Please check if the signal source is in the detection field.
d. Please check the installation height.
e. If the moving orientation is correct.
 The sensor can’t shut off the load automatically:
a. If there is continual sensor signal in the detection field.
b. If the time-delay be set to the longest.
c. If the power correspond to the instruction.
d. If the temperature change near the sensor.Such as air condition, central heating etc.